3 Effective SEO Techniques That Can Help Any Website

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In you are an owner of a website then, you must be familiar with all the advantages that come with achieving a high rank in a popular search engine. And, to increase your search engine rankings there are numerous SEO tips and techniques fortunately. So, if you are struggling to get high rankings then, do read on as here three effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques with examples are explained for your better understanding. If after addressing the points below you still need to climb higher in the rankings you should look at getting in touch with a belfast seo provider, to help your ranking efforts. There are many good ones locally which have contributed to our seo events in the past. MXA Digital are locally based and a good source of advice and help for businesses wanting to grow their business online.

1st Technique

The first SEO Technique involves the use of related keyword term. To execute this SEO technique fruitfully, you need to include the related keyword terms in your title H2 tags. You can even include them in H3 tags also. So, for example suppose you are planning to optimize the keyword “delicious recipes”. If you take the help of Google Keyword tool, then you will see that it has generated “easy delicious recipes” as another related keyword term for this particular keyword. So, your job now is to add this on in H2 title and it will produce the desired result.

2nd Technique

seo and digital marketing success belfastA spider is a type of program that happens to visit websites and then reads the different pages and other such information in that website. The purpose of this is to create entries for a search engine index. This very search engine spider happens to read from left to right. If you want a proof of this then, simply right click on a webpage and select “view source code”. You will notice that it has been organized from left to right. So, this second SEO technique will suggest you to put the keyword in the bottom line of your webpage. So, for optimizing the keyword “delicious recipes”, place a line like “Subscribe to our newsletter to know some more delicious recipes” within the body of the copy in the bottom of the webpage.

3rd Technique

So, time of the 3rd and last SEO technique. You can surely get a higher ranking if you put the keyword you are planning to optimize in the main title. So, all you have to do is come up with a H1 tag which has the keyword like “Ways to win the hearts of your dinner guest with these delicious recipes”. Yes, it is true that many SEO experts have been saying that this is not needed now to include the keyword in the meta keyword tags and also meta description tags. But, here it should be mentioned that in the meta title tags, it is very much needed.

It is true that SEO tips and techniques have a reputation to change quite often. Almost every year you will see some new changes or new techniques. Thus, it is highly advised that you keep an eye out for these changes. Staying up-to-date is the only way you can utilize these 3 techniques correctly and effectively.

There you have it, the three effective SEO techniques which can put your website on the map. Besides being effectual, all three of these techniques happens to be very easy to execute, thus even a newbie in the world of SEO can see result with these. So, try any one or all three of them today!

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4 Ways to Market Your Business Online

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4 Ways to Market Your Business Online

Online business marketing though, seems like a good way to go can yield no result if not made use of the right tools and ways for the same. It is true that over the years e-commerce and online marketing have flourished a lot and have changed the era of marketing, but it requires knowledge and efforts to the specific purpose for an individual to gain through this. Online marketing can help you reach billions of customers and can be a good option even for the young entrepreneurs and the first timers. One’s efforts can be self-analyzed by probing into a few things like, whether one’s site ranks top among the Google search, the amount of traffic the site gets and the customer retention. It is important in online marketing to retain the customers as well as expand the number each day. The search engine optimization (SEO) is also an important goal to be achieved in this business.

Way 1: SEO should be the first and major step to boost online business marketing.

It is necessary for a site to interact with the search engines effectively to gain huge traffic over the site. The page must be optimized, faulty internal links should be eliminated and contents should be frequently updated to meet the search made by the users. The use of the Meta tags and in proper position and keywords help the search engines link the sites in priority. These are all the services of SEO. SEO also requires a proper link building of the site, more the bad links available for the site, the more traffic it receives. SEO services also enhance the rank of web page and the website.

Way 2: Target and know your real customers.

It is very important in online marketing apart from SEO that a site identifies its true customers, the category of users who are more interested in the products or services provided by the site. The efforts should be made to increase the number of visitors and gain a large smooth traffic over the site. The first timers should be attracted to be a customer and the second timers should be tempted to repeat their purchase over the site. This method of conversion plumbing helps one retain customers and add new ones.

Way 3: Chalk out a social media strategy

The role of social network has just been limited to, social chats and bringing people close to each other which they living in far distant places would not be possible, but has greatly added to the revenue earned in e-commerce. Social network and online marketing together, which is generally termed as social commerce is observed to bring more than 72% revenue earned through e-commerce. The feedback of the customers and the ease of buying a product or a service without moving out of the social network has gained more customers for the sites.

Way 4: Keep the customers updated.

The use of e-mails extensively to gain customers and to let the old customers be updated of the new offers and the products launched should be practiced. The online business marketing can also be greatly affected by the web design and content curation.

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Importance Of SEO and Social Signals tools in the Marketing Mix

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Importance Of SEO and Social Signals tools in the Marketing Mix

Using the right SEO tools is essential in getting the best results for your blogs and websites. Though you can find tons of tools online, there are a few special ones that can prove to be immensely helpful for your operations. As St Louis SEO firm that believes in helping out small businesses, we have compiled a list of 5 key online tools that can help manage your SEO campaigns.

1. TwentyFeet: This useful little software helps you combine statistics from all social media sites in one place. Basically, you will have a dashboard and all the information and statistics from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc will be displayed there. The software can also ping you as soon as events are created on these sites.

It is a very handy tool for smaller businesses and hardly costs anything. A German web company known as Seibert Media runs this software.

2. Social Flow: This is a media engagement program that makes a big promise: it will help you say the right thing at the right time in all your conversations on Twitter, Google Buzz and Facebook. And it actually delivers perectly. This program comes from the same company that made TweetDeck and hence you need to be worried about its effectiveness.

Social Flow helps optimize message formats with keywords and hashtags. Then it will automatically post messages to your audience and measure all the ensuing statistics. It is a very useful little tool that can be a big help for your SEO needs.

3. Mozbar: This is a SEO toolbar plug in extension that is available for Chrome and Firefox. It is one of the best methods to find out about a competitor’s SEO strategy. The tool provides on page elements and data that can prove to be useful for your SEO strategy. For example, you can easily find out how many websites direct to a particular page.

There is a useful option known as Domain Authority that shows the relevance of any particular website with respect to the entire web. This concept can also be extended in the form of a SERP overlay extension.

4. Open Site Explorer:

This neat little tool allows you to check the backlinks for any given website. The data is shown to you in a neat and clean format. A good knowledge of back links is absolutely essential in improving your online visibility and this tool can help you make the best of it. It can help in easy examining of backlinks through a number of different parameters.

Though the free version is pretty useful, it is the paid version that really lets you make the best use of this tool.

5. PPC Advertising:

PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising is a great way to increase the number of visitors to your website. In this model, you pay the search engine or PPC service owner a certain amount of money whenever your ad is clicked. They will in turn make sure that your website comes up top in the list of ad results. It’s a great way to ensure visibility for your site. However, here too proper strategy is highly important to ensure that best results. So it is best to take in the services of a PPC advertisement firm to manage your campaigns.

Keep in mind, that these are free tools and you cannot really get the best possible results with them. Good knowledge and experience are absolutely essential for using SEO tools. Being one of the top St Louis SEO firms, we can help you out in this regard. So please feel free to give us call. For St Louis SEO, you will not find a better organization than ours.

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